Thursday, December 28, 2006

First posting

Hi. My name is Scott.

Welcome to my blog. It's about monsters. It all started with a book about monsters that I just finished writing. My regret in starting this blog is that I didn't begin it sooner (but, on the other hand I was in the middle of writing the book).

My intention for the blog is more than just talking about my book. I'm planning to include stories and annecdotes from my own research as well as any monster legends or reportings that people pass along to me. Since I began writing the book I've been told about all kinds of crazy beasts from folklore and urban legends.

The book is titled The Monster Spotter's Guide to North America. It is basically a birdwatching guide for people who like monsters. The book should come out in August. It's meant to be a campy and fun (but informative) look at legendary monsters and related folk lore of North America and covers all the major monsters (as well as some lesser known beasts) that have been reported throughout history, ask some thought-provoking questions leading readers to form their own theories about possible explanations for the phenomena, and finally approach the subject with a humorous edge that will appeal not only to people interested in monsters, but to science fiction and pop culture enthusiasts as well.

Today I saw the scans for the art for the book. It's illustrated by a friend of mine named Ben Patrick. The art looks amazing... I looked at it and started to feel a swell of pride (then I reminded myself that I didn't draw anything... I'm the writer). But it was awesome to see the project start to come together.

Spoke with the designer (Grace) today... she had some questions about some confusing instructions that I wrote on the mock up of the gate fold map (just one of the book's many features). I'm sure after talking to Grace that my editor (Amy) will have some questions for me and may want me to change a few things. The book is currently being line edited, and I can't wait to get a chance to re-read it. I have some additional ideas, so I hope I can make a few last minute adjustments.

All in all the book seems to be on schedule and there should be no problem with seeing it finished in August. It's quite exciting to be this close.

As for the blog. I'm just getting started here. Please check regularly for news about the book, stuff about monsters and I'd love to hear any comments or monster stories anyone out there might have.