Monday, July 7, 2008

You CAN Go Home Again

Hope everyone had nice 4th of July weekend. I went to visit my dad and my grandfather who live in Waynesville, NC, which is nestled in the Appalachian Mountains. I always dig getting to visit my dad, who loves telling stories and was one of the motivations for writing my book. He started telling stories about "painter" cats living in the mountains, which is a popular area legend that panthers live in the mountains even though large cats supposedly no longer populate the region.

Phantom felines that appear in places they do not belong or possess some sort of attribute that makes them seem almost supernatural are one of the most enduring and likely real scenarios that fall under the watchful eye of cryptozoologists.

My dad always tells a story about using a can and a leather string coated in bees wax to make panther sounds to frighten his neighbors. As a monster enthusiast you might think I'd be annoyed that he would be responsible for such a hoax, but I mostly think it adds to the legend giving it a very folklorish quality. I've asked my dad, who was a game warden for about 15 years, if he thought large cats might still live in the mountains and he agreed it was possible. Appalachia is full of remote areas where a small population of cats might still be able to evade frequent contact with humans.

It's always good to visit back home.

Here's a couple of headlines from the weekend for you:

A gorilla type creature has been terrorizing the Phillipines

Here's a recent posting about some UFO sightings that occurred in Cuba throughout history

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