Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dear Spotters,

Welcome to my old/new blog site.

Ahem... so when I first started my Monster Spotting blog I started it here on Blogger. Then my publisher built a website, so I started blogging on MySpace with the idea that my Myspace page and my website would work together as friends. Well, now my website is gone, and I decided to resurrect the blog site. It should be more interesting anyway because I'll be able to update more often (which is my goal).

Some background: After my book came out I did a fair amount of blogging in tandem with some book events and so forth. Well I'm not doing as many events now and I wanted to turn my focus back toward Monster Spotting and letting folks know about cryptozoology news and trivia.

If you want to read a backlog of my blog posts check out my MySpace site

Otherwise, look at this site as a fresh start/a clean slate. That's the way I'm looking at it. Hope you enjoy.

Just ignore the two way old posts below. Or not. But they are really old. Seriously.

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